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⚡✨ Explore the skies with the customizable “HEAVENLY LIGHTNING” Tail✨⚡

This Tail, approximately 40 cm long, evokes the magic of lightning. Carefully crafted from high-quality materials, it adds a touch of elegance and mystery to your look.

Customize the “HEAVENLY LIGHTNING” model here on the Shop using our“COLOR INDEX” . and our “ATTACH INDEX” Choose your favorite colors and details to create a Tail that reflects your personality and style. An integrated zipper provides a dose of practicality for the maintenance of this unique model.

! Our products are made to order and by hand by our little Wolfs, which results in a delivery time of up to 60 days in the event of high demand for our products!

!! Here on the "Shop", be vigilant and configure your options, making sure to follow the diagram (Photos No. 2) , no modification or refund will be processed after validation of the order. !!

Embark on a celestial journey with the “HEAVENLY LIGHTNING” model and let your unique personality shine! 🌌⚡

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